Custom Work

I love to get new challenges so if you have a custom drawing or design in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact me


As i get a lot of requests about custom drawings and designs I’ve made this little text about it.

I can do custom drawings in the styles / techniques I master – the geometrical style or the organic shading style. I mainly do portraits of people or animals, but if you have other fun ideas feel free to ask!

My drawings can be somewhere between A4 – A2, but please be aware that sizes below A3 leave little space for detail work, unless they are simple / small images. A4 is mainly suitable for animal faces, like dog portraits, and not as suited for portraits.

Prices depend on size and details but to give you a general idea:

A4: from 1000 DKK
A3: from 2000 DKK
A2: from 3000 DKK

Please note that all copyright and all commercial rights still fall upon the artist, even when buying an original art piece according to Danish Copyright Act. Hence the client will have no right to commercialize the design (such as making prints, merchandise etc.) from the design, or parts of the design.


For custom designs, meant for commercial purposes, such as; t-shirt designs, logos, web designs, merchandise etc. the prices and rights needs to be established from the individual case.
Designs can be delivered as original pieces, as digital files etc. depending on your wishes. And illustrations can be used designed for whatever purpose you might wish for.