Behind the pen

Maya Gürtler

founder and designer

I am the founder and owner of Pen and Ink – my own little creative space and art print business.

I’m a self-taught, Copenhagen based, illustrator and a tattoo apprentice at West Bridge Tattoo.
I mainly draw with pens and raw drawing paper.
My background is in digital media but more and more I came to love working analogue – creating pretty things with my own two hands.
It’s become so vital for me I’ve chosen to make it my bread and butter – and thus Pen and Ink was born.
I love to try out new things and curiosity and challenge is a must in every drawing for me.
My work is characterized by playing with light and shadow with an almost graphic way of shading.

Now I’m trying to grow my little business and getting my stuff out there to you guys!

Lately I’ve been dedicating a lot of my time to my tattoo apprenticeship.

“Coffee, late night radio and lots and lots of pens”

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